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South Carolina Reverse Phone Lookup

It is possible to identify the unknown of an unknown number by conducting a reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookup services run submitted numbers through their extensive databases of phone subscribers to identify unknown callers. These services are needed when you want to find out if unknown callers with phone numbers bearing South Carolina area codes are fraudsters, stalkers, old friends, or someone you would rather engage or ignore.

What are South Carolina Phone Numbers?

Over the last 20 years, phone preferences in South Carolina have changed from landlines to wireless phones. According to a report published by the Center for Disease Control National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), more than 55% of South Carolina residences are wireless-only homes while less than 14% of the state’s households use landlines only. Based on user preferences and network coverage, the major phone carriers in the state are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. 

South Carolinians have also embraced virtual phone numbers offered by VoIP services. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and refers to services that transmit voice calls over the internet.

Can I Search A Phone Number And Find Out Who It Is?

Searching a phone number to find out the caller at the other end of the phone is possible through reverse phone lookup services. Using the search engines provided by these services, you can find the following information about owners of unknown numbers: names, home/office addresses, genders, and even criminal records in the public domain. These details are available for all phone numbers including mobile phones, landlines, and VoIP numbers. Unlike printed phone books, online phone lookups are very accurate and up to date. However, it may be difficult to find useful information about some numbers even with phone lookup services. If a reverse phone lookup returns no result about a number, it is most likely used by a scammer.

Is There a Free Way to Look Up Someone’s Phone Number?

Identifying details about landline subscribers and their phone numbers are available on the internet for free. However, mobile phone and VoIP subscriber information are not readily available. Phone lookup services that offer free phone number information typically provide basic information such as carrier details and potential location of searched phone numbers. Specific details such as names, addresses, and other secondary information are exclusively available to paying customers subscribing to premium reverse phone lookup services.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Phone lookup services are online tools and applications that can be used to run reverse phone searches and find out who a phone number belongs to. The ability to identify the person on the other end of a call can be a significant tool in avoiding unsolicited phone calls. Caller ID, a common phone feature, is a function that displays who a caller is and has been used by South Carolinians to avoid unsolicited phone calls. However, fraudsters have been able to find ways around this by using other tools and services to trick Caller ID into displaying false numbers. 

Features provided by VoIP services can also be used by scammers to disguise their numbers so their targets’ caller IDs display incorrect information. Using VoIP and spoofing, scammers make their calls appear to be coming from completely different locations than they actually are. Phone users have a better chance of identifying and locating scam callers by using phone lookup services. Avoiding phone scams and robocalls becomes easier if one is able to identify what to look for and understand how scammers use these tools.

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Legal in South Carolina?

Yes. South Carolina considers the use of phone number lookup services as legal. The state does not have definite laws ruling on the legality of reverse phone lookup services but recognizes its importance. South Carolina residents can use reverse phone number lookup to identify unknown callers by their numbers. This is useful for avoiding phone scammers and other unsavory characters targeting unsuspecting residents using phone services. 

While South Carolina considers reverse phone lookup legal, it also requires users and providers of this tool to use it appropriately. This means that it is illegal to use phone number lookup search to harass, defraud, or steal valuables from residents. Similarly, the state requires those providing reverse lookup to do so without violating the privacy of the individuals they identify. Typically, reverse phone number lookup services only offer their users information gleaned from public records. This may be official court, law enforcement, and government records in the public domain or readily available information from carrier databases and online forums.

What Information Can You Get from a South Carolina Phone Number Lookup Search?

When using a reverse phone lookup search to identify an unknown caller by their phone number, you can get the following pieces of information from a quick search:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Gender

These details are available from most reverse phone lookup free services. Paid services do provide additional details that are useful for fully identifying individuals searched by their numbers. South Carolina residents opting for paid reverse phone lookups can expect up-to-date information such as current names and addresses of the individuals searched as well as photos. 

Phone number lookup providers offering paid tiers usually find such details by skimming social media accounts and pulling information from public posts. Paid searches can also unearth criminal records as long as those are in the public domain. They can find arrest records as long as those are found in public court and law enforcement records in the state. These details are useful when determining whether an unknown caller is a potential scammer. South Carolina residents can also provide these details when reporting phone stalkers, spam callers, and dubious businesses to law enforcement.

What Is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a virtual phone number assigned for making phone calls over the internet. A phone call is essentially the transfer of data across a medium. While traditional phone calls use copper wire and radio waves for data transmission, VoIP calls use the internet for the same purpose. VoIP numbers facilitate text messaging and video calling as expediently as a traditional number and can be assigned to multiple devices simultaneously. 

Such unique features make VoIP a major tool for phone scammers. For example, the location data associated with traditional phone services are unavailable for VoIP numbers. This makes it harder to find and identify the persons assigned VoIP numbers. A scammer can make a call from anywhere in the world and the caller ID would display a South Carolina area code. Also because VoIP numbers can be linked to several devices at once, standard tracking identifiers such as IMEI numbers are unreliable. In fact, VoIP technologies have made it easier for scammers to successfully avoid detection. For this reason, the FTC recommends caution when answering unexpected calls from both familiar and unfamiliar numbers.

What is a South Carolina Phone Number Area Code?

The area code is a key part of a phone number as it localizes a caller to a specific part of the country. The area code system was formulated in 1947 in North America.  The initiative behind this numbering system was to create a uniform and streamlined process of dialling and making long-distance calls. Area codes are the first three bracketed numbers in 10-digit phone numbers. These numbers were allocated according to the resident regions, cities, and municipalities of phone subscribers.

What is a South Carolina Phone Number Prefix Code?

A phone number prefix code is the second set consisting of three numbers after the area code in a 10-digit phone number. It indicates the particular city or community where the call originated. For example, in the telephone number (864) 123-4567,

  • 864 symbolizes the area code
  • 123 is the prefix code
  • 4567 is the line number

The phone number written as +1 (843) 123-4567 includes the United States country code and is arranged in the following manner:

  • The country code is +1
  • The area code is 843
  • The prefix code is 123
  • The phone line number is 4567